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Deep Drawn Metal Stamping

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Premier Metal Works, Inc. provides deep drawn metal stampings. In simplest of terms, this process allows the tool and die manufacturer to use cold drawn sheet metal and form a three dimensional part.

The benefit of using deep drawn metal stampings is the creation of a seamless metal component. Premier Metal Works uses double action draw presses in order to create seamless components such as bodies and housings.

Unlike a business that only maintains the ability for mass production, Premier Metal Works is a small business that is also able to manufacture large, deep, seamless components in small quantities.

If considering product development, Premier Metal Works’ complete tool room can facilitate your research and development desires. The company’s ability to manufacture relatively large parts in a timely and economically feasible manner, conveniences you while keeping development costs down.

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Deep Drawn Metal Stamping Custom
Job shop

Prototype Work





Steel Industry
300 to 3,000
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Any Malleable Metal



Carbon Steel



Stainless Steel
300 Tons 36 Inch 36 Inch 18 Inch Our Brown and Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machine allows quality assurance by measuring as close to 50 millionths of an inch. As a customer, you will always receive great accuracies in the dimensions of your product.

We measure:

  • Tooling

  • Machined parts

  • Drawn parts

  • Dimensional measurement

  • Profile measurement

  • Angularity or orientation measurement

  • Depth mapping

  • Digitizing or imaging

  • Shaft measurement
  • Computer Aided Drafting and Computer Aided Manufacturing make it possible to create a component part before physically manufacturing it. Premier Metal Works will design the part, while considering the dimensions and material, with the use of this computer program. This technology and technique creates faster production time and distinct accuracy. By using Computer Aided Drafting and Manufacturing, the costumer can foresee the outcome of their component part before committing to hundreds of parts. Among others
    AutoCAD (DWG)






    CAD/CAM Design Capabilities


    ·  60 Ton Walsh Stamping Press

    ·  Bliss 540 Mechanical Double Action Drawing Press

    ·  Bliss No 4 Double Action Mechanical Drawing Press

    ·  HPM Triple Action Hydrolic Press

    ·  Completed Deep Drawn Parts

    ·  22.5" Deep Drawn Part with Flange: newest "Premier Part"

    ·  22.5" Deep Drawn Part: inside view

    ·  Ring with Groove: spherical roller bearing blank

    ·  Small Cup with Piercings

    ·  7.5"dia.x8.5" Deep Drawn Housing: side flatten and piercing, with bottom piercing

    ·  4.25"dia.x5.25" Deep Housing: bottom piercing

    ·  Small Cover with O-Ring Groove

    ·  10.25"dia.x10" Deep Cover

    ·  Aluminum Motor Support

    ·  2 Part Nozzle Assembly

    ·  Large 2 Part Nozzle Assembly

    ·  Can

    ·  Plate Piece

    ·  Rectangle to Round

    ·  Rolled Can

    ·  Small Can

    ·  Small Drawn Part

    ·  Square Flange

    ·  Part

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